Honor Guard

Installation of Joe Miller as Commander

Current Commander Joe Miller (center, in purple cape & chapeau), surrounded by Past Commanders (L to R) Reynolds Blackburn (2000), Michael Koehler (2012), Eric Bruns (1999), Steve Topping (2011),  FN Steve Thompson, Dave Stukenburg (2016), Kurt Sommerhouser (2003), Ben Woodley (2015) and Kevin O’Sullivan (2013).

The Honor or Color Guard is a committee made up exclusively of Knights of the Fourth

Degree.  Dressed in cape and chapeaux, the Honor Guard attends events at the invitation of the Archbishop and our pastors, as well as visitations and Masses for our deceased brother Knights.

The Color Corps is the most visible arm of the Knights as they are often seen in parades and other local events wearing their colorful regalia.

Official dress for the Color Corps is a black tuxedo, baldric, white gloves, cape and naval chapeau. White tuxedos may also be used during summer in warmer climates. Baldrics are worn from the right shoulder to left hip and are color specific by nation. In the United States, baldrics are red, white and blue. Service baldrics include a holster for a sword and are worn over the coat while social baldrics are worn under the coat. The colors on a Fourth Degree Knight’s cape, and chapeau, denote the office he holds within the Degree. Faithful Navigators and Past Faithful Navigators are permitted to carry a white handled silver sword.

Masters and Vice Supreme Masters, as well as Former Masters and Former Vice Supreme Masters, are also denoted by their gold swords.

Vice Supreme Master and Past Vice Supreme Masters Blue Cape and Chapeau
Master and Past Masters Gold Cape and Chapeau
District Marshall Green Cape and Chapeau
Faithful Navigator and Past Faithful Navigators White Cape and Chapeau
Color Guard Commander Purple Cape and Chapeau
Color Guard Members Red Cape and White Chapeau