How Do I Join?

How do you join the 4th Degree?

Joining the 4th Degree is a day long event culminated by a mass and banquet.  Information on the 2018 installation in St Louis will be communicated at a later date.  However we can make arrangements to attend any of the 2 other 4th degrees in Missouri if necessary.

Information about the day’s schedule along with extra banquet tickets and tuxedo rental will be posted as soon as its available.

However, in order to make your 4th Degree, you must fill out a form and it must be signed by both your Grand Knight and Financial Secretary.  Each Assembly has its own dues on top of the dues you pay for your member council.  however, the cost is minimal compared to the benefits.

Joining the 4th Degree allows you to be eligible for the Honor Guard.  Pictures and description of the Honor Guard from our assembly may be found here.  But most importantly, joining our assembly gives each member a window in to helping our veterans who graciously served our country.

For member councils or Councils who are sending a candidate for their 4th Degree: the Assembly requests assistance with the Hospitality Room at the Exemplification, both for volunteers and financial contributions.  Volunteers are needed Friday, February 24, from 4 pm – 10 pm, and Saturday, February 25, from 11 am – 8 pm.

Each Council’s GK and FS will receive a letter requesting financial support for the Hospitality Room, but a greater response is needed to underwrite the cost of its operation.