Officers & Chairmen

Assembly Officers

Friar Fr. Brian Hecktor
Council 7119

Navigator David Stukenberg
Council 4099

Comptroller Eric Bruns
Council 10490

Captain Chris Nelms
Council 10136
cnelms@hotmail .com

AdmiralĀ  Gary Lottmann
Council 3586

Pilot Luke Walsh
Council 10136


Purser Bob Hawkins
Council 10794

Edward Cirar

Council 10490

Richard Kobylski
Council 16619

Peter Nicastro
Council 1376

Inner Sentinel Lou Liebermann
Council 903

Outer Sentinel Tom Van Mierlo
Council 13823

Master of Missouri, Bob Hawkins PSD

Council 10794

Duties of Officers are prescribed by the Laws and Rules of the Fourth Degree and our Assembly Bylaws.

Assembly Chairmen

Honor Guard: Gary Lottmann
Council 3586

Charity: Vacant

Chalice: Luke Walsh
Council 10136

Chalice: David Stukenberg
Council 4099

Faith: Kurt Sommerhauser

Fraternal: John Dempsey

Patriotism: – Jack Giebe

Welfare: – Tom Van Mierlo
Council 13823

Veterans: – George Herrera and Jack Giebe

The Assembly has been ably served by many past officers and chairmen.